We help our customers to pursue their objectives, giving support in the design phase, from the initial innovative idea to the final product, through an integrated development process. Thanks to the skills of our team, we can provide assistance on technical aspects of the design through both numerical and experimental tools.

Finite Element Simulations

We perform static and dynamic finite element simulations to support the design process, to verify the obtained solutions and to analyse local or operative conditions. We can develop FE models for global and detailed structural analyses with a particular focus on any safety related subject.

Experimental Tests

We assist our customers in full scale crash tests and we can carry out experimental tests to evaluate materials properties and structures behaviour, as well as to support numerical simulation activities. We also provide assistance to configure the most suited instrumentation in accordance with customers’ needs and requirements.

Software Development

We develop customized software to be used on different hardware, developed by us or already owned by the clients, in accordance with customers’ requirements, to manage data acquisition systems, to effectively collect, handle and show data and to improve the analysis and post-processing of results.

Dedicated Hardware

We develop dedicated hardware for specific requirements, from monitoring systems and testing machines to multichannel data acquisition systems and controllers. We provide products with technical characteristics suitable for static or dynamic tests with different transducers and with bandwidth, sampling frequency and full-scale range as needed.

Consultancy on Standards

We help our customers providing assistance to understand and fulfill Standards requirements in different fields of engineering. Analysing regulations and technical requests, we support our clients to find together the most effective solutions to develop products or to perform activities in accordance with the actual regulations.